Something new!

Have you ever had sleepless night? And you tend to wake up extremely early the next morning? This happens to me everytime I receive or buy something new. I get all excited! (*embarrassed*) YES! I got myself a new mobile phone.

My new nokia 3120(left) and my old karipap samsung R210S(right)

My old phone served it purposes, that is to receive and make calls. Its now old, flaky and outdated? The worst thing, is its unrealiable battery that usually die on me during crucial moment. Arghh!! (No, no, I don't do phone sex, ha!)

New phones thesedays are smaller, lighter, comes with colour screen, polyphonic 3d sounds and some even have tooth! bluetooth? My new phone is a fresh change from my crumpy looking phone (hence me naming it karipap, haha?) It's like switching from the B&W television set to colour set back in the late 70's. Other features includes email and web browsing capability, photo taking, multimedia viewing and online gaming. The musical ring tones are also a big change. Cool sounds, instead of the boring monotonous beep beep sound. Now if I can just get used and recognized that its my darn phone that is ringing. Duh!


Simon said…
that's a cool phone! my wife got it as a present from her friend, i like the glow in the dark feature...
MahaguruSia said…
It comes with vibrating feature as well!! ;)

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