Please pay your door tax

As seen in Kuching recently


Wingz said…
eh mebbe inside the house got toilet .. then the toilet got door ... den hafta pay cukai pintu edi lor! LOL!
killuminati said…
yeah i've been wondering wtf is up with that too. what is a door tax? is there yet another tax i'm supposed to be paying?
btw i saw the sign in kl too
MahaguruSia said…
wingz, huabin - huahaha! I pay two door taxes, the first one is a yearly sum that I pay to someone that I effing dunno for entering my own house. The second one is to my home minister.

Next blog, pay to pee. Thanks for the inspiration :))
cukai pintu is just the conventional name for "property tax". Of course it assumed all buildings have doors. There are couple property taxes in malaysia - cukai pintu and cukai tanah. cukai pintu goes to your local district councils for providing amenities such as playground etc. etc.

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