Sarawak Laksa

One of the most FAQ I received is "Why no Sarawak Laksa in your lousy blog?"

Nah! there you go. (pictured below)

Sarawak Laksa is obviously unique to Kuching. The special spicy curry like broth makes up the main ingredient and the recipe varies, depending on the chef. However, they are commonly eaten with vermicelli, a thin type of noodle or a mixture with yellow noodles. And garnished with coriander, cooked shredded chicken meat, omelette's and peel prawns, the bigger the prawns the more expensive it is. (As shown in picture, small version RM3.00) A few older stall still include taugeh or brussel sprouts. It also comes with the must have optional extra chili paste (sambal belacan) for the extra Ohmphh and a must-squeeze lime for the sour tangerine taste.

I am not going into how to make Sarawak Laksa as it is a simple dish to make thesedays, especially when there are ready made paste available in the market. Pour in the paste, add water and fresh santan (which to me IS THE secret recipe) to taste and wait for it to boil. Add the rest of the fresh ingredients etc.

So lets get down to where to find or get laksa? Nowadays it can be even found in major hotels and available there round the clock. Only foreigner or too posh to push ladies goes there. Erhm! Authentically this is a coffee shop breakfast delicacy. First timer please be informed that popular stalls normally sell out before 11 a.m or earlier and of the potency! The combination of spiciness and santan (coconut milk) in the broth will make one's stomach churn . Not for the weak except for the immune Kuchingnites, ha!

A must try dish, for anyone heading to Kuching. Just ask the local for directions and you will probably get a handful of places to go. Everyone has their own favorite *smirk* Just don't get them started on which is the best laksa in town, a very frequent debated subject among discerning food lover!


boo_licious said…
I lurve Sarawak Laksa. I just bought the paste so I hope to make some soon.
Kenny Sia said…
My favourite laksa place:

'Big Potato' along Jalan Petanak, next to Syarikat Sayang.

Usually open morning till 1pm.

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