Fast? Food

In Kuching, like most cities, western food chain outlets are mushrooming everywhere. All calories galore!!

Sometimes (ok ok, at least once a month) I visit these so call fast food restaurants. Gosh... I love french fries! :-) However I hate the queues and the occasional people. Maybe it is just me but why do they like to breath down my neck? Are they so insecure that they have to hide behind me? Or are they super paranoid of losing their turn if there was a gap! And truely some will jump at this opportunity! as if they do not know the meaning of queuing up! Same mentality as their driving, The Kuching Formula One tail gating style! *Sigh*

The other annoying habit are not knowing what to order when its their turn! Usual over heard conversation will go something like this "Err... Ahh... Err... Maybe this one? how much ah? maybe that one, Err... or what's in that one Ah? And can make it well done ah (???!!)"

The "fast" food operators have to educate their staffs and general public to eliminate this slow turnover. A win win situation for both side. As observed in most overseas outlets, these chains are the places where people get cheap, no fuss and FAST services. If you still can't decide when its your turn? Stand a side and let the person behind order first. Simple common courtesy. I can foresee that this will take time and some effort for the general population to mature. Or maybe, we are just lacking of simple common sense?

To me, the good old coffee shop still offer the best of everything. Good food, fast, no queuing, economical and you get served.

Foochow Char-Choo Mee. The secret is in the soup. Home made rice wine!


I finally see original char-choo noodle! Tks! We have one here in Tesco foodcourt called Cha-Chu. It tastes nice too (at least to me) but since it is halal, I guess nothing beats the original.

I have a foodblog too. Am from Penang. Will be back!
MahaguruSia said…
Hmm... interesting! A halal char choo me? Let me know if ur heading this way? we go an have the oliginal! :)

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