Titleist PRO Trajectory 904F Review

Yahoo! The Titleist 904F is finally here.

I have been eyeing this fairway wood ever since trying it out at their Demo day (click to see more photos). The club was bought off ebay and it arrived promptly and safely despite the insecurity of not knowing the quality nor the content from a foreign seller. Many thanks to the ever reliable UPS.

904F 3 wood 15 degree with TT Dynamic Gold S300 steel shaft

The first thing I noticed about the 904F, is how beautifully it sit at address. Looking from the top, the pear shape some what inspires confident. The scoring lines are painted white, which increases their visibility that helps set up to the sweet spot.

All my fairway woods are steel shafted as I felt it let me go at it without losing them. The improved weight distribution and a lower CG (Center of Gravity) in this 904 also meant that it increases its playability and workability. The ball gets up relatively easy and forgiveness is excellent, a rare attribute in a Titleist club. The feel at impact is also somewhat different to traditional Titleist muted sound, this 904F had a more solid zing to it. The ball trajectory surprised me, as it bore through the wind with minimal deflection that resulted in the much sought after distance. A great club for playing short or tight par 4s and going after those eagle at par 5s. :-)

For those that are technically incline, here's an excerpt from Titleist.com

Built to the same Tour inspired standards as Titleist drivers, the new Pro Trajectory 904 fairway metals have been engineered to deliver improved looks, feel and ball flight. Critical to fairway performance is CG location and through extensive research and player testing, Titleist designers have been able to optimize the weight distribution in the new 904. By moving the CG lower, toward the face, and the optimum distance from the shaft axis, the 904 provides both initial launch and downrage ball flight benefits as well as increased ball speed on center face impacts. The 904 launches a full degree higher and spins approximately 400rpm less, providing easy-up high launch with a flat downrange flight. The improved CG location slightly decreases dynamic face closure enhancing the high initial launch angle and helping produce optimum ball flight.

Design: Face insert construction featuring a 275 Carpenter steel face insert for solid, lively feel and higher ball speed.

Construction: Precision cast 355 Carpenter steel body with strategic internal weight pads in the sole and skirt walls.

Stock Shafts: True Temper Dynamic Gold Steel

Stock Grip: Titleist Tour Velvet Cord

Lofts: 15°


Samm said…
Well, congrats to you for receiving your goods safely and promptly. Now, u can play happily loh, hehe. I'm not a golfer, maybe when Gordon is bigger, then both of us can take up golfing at the same time.

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