Life is full of secrets

My life is full of dark secrets and yet I don't have much to hide about myself. I am like a ticking time bomb, just waiting to self destruct with so many secrets inside me!

From a young age, familly and friends tend to confide in me as they knew I am as good as my word and will never disclose anything to anyone. An attribute that is extremely bad for my mental health and it's like a self sworn secrecy, a system that locked away details far inside me for eternity.

A friend nearly died last weekend and I am the only person in this world that knew what had happened. Without a word, my friend knew that I will never divulge what had happened and this frustrate the already confused me.

I know life is full of secrets but how much or how long can one hang on to them? ….


Anser said…
Glad u are not RTM, BBC or some stations hahaha!!!!
lx said…
integrity and honor is a rare commodity these days! Glad to know it's not dead altogether.
KY said…
which is why there are anonymous blogs everywhere, to tell secrets without actually telling them, i think.

agh, no idea. it's friday!

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