New leaves, old tree

During my childhood, I remembered adults tend to scare children with phrase like, ".... you better stop that or else the police will come and catch you!" Amazingly it worked like a charm and innocently kids back then will immediately scampered home to hide. Unfortunately, over the years the fright tactic somehow left a huge psychological scar in many Malaysians; the fear for police.

Myself is no exception and until today whenever I see a uniformed personnel I will be taken aback. Not that any wrong doing was committed but somehow a fear is at the back of the mind. Then, the years staying oversea opened me up to many things and one of them is how they perceive their enforcement force as their guardian. Why the indifference? Reading Aziz's recent post made me wondered if it possible to turn over a new leaf? In a reserve Asian society like Malaysia, the thought of speaking up is the last thing that a person wants to do. And in my opinion that's the whole bloody problem!

It is good to see that as our society progresses, people are more outspoken in tandem with their right awareness. As seen with the recent case of 4 Chinese women being wrongfully retained, nobody ought to be treated in such ways nor can one be higher than the law. Be it, only one or two bad apple in the tree force but if the rampant misuse of power and the mentality to take things personally will be a huge setback to the already tagged corrupt country. Let see some transparency and let justice prevails.

Make a difference Malaysians, time to speak up!


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