Can a blogger sue another blogger?

What the heck? Can we sue one another? and why are there so much hostilities in blogsphere recently?!!

This one started all because of one women, the hottest one at moment I might add, Dawn Yang. Or rather a purportedly naked Dawn Yang. A new/not so new infamous Mr. cut & paste somehow stirred the pot again and this time he tried making rOjAk (which need skilled preparation and not cut & paste no brainer) which went sour obviously. Click here to read more.

For more read, click :
here - Sue you sue me,
here - Appeal for fund,
and here - Roflmao kns

Any lawyer out there care to shed their thoughts (for free, ha!)? Thanks :-)


Alex said…
haha, if lawyers do read petaling street pings rite, i think they can earn some quite good pocket money ler :)
Wingz said…
wuah u dun sked later he ask his lawyer to sue you also ka ??
黄德峻 said…
$100 to hire a lawyer?

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