NEW Titleist 503U & 735CB

The year is coming to an end again and the golf industry is a buzz with exciting news. Most new models are just waiting to be launch during the renown golf expo and I can't wait to sample and review the new golf club models.

The following 2 pictures are of Titleist purportedly new 503u utility iron. However its not officially launch but its a very probable Titleist new golf club line up.
The one featured below looks like its shafted with NV shaft? Will still prefer mine with steel shaft for more stable tip. No other specification was given. For those with more information, kindly drop me a message or an email.
Here's another scoop to what might be coming soon, irons shown below are Titleist new 735CB, similar to the one currently in market; the 735CM series. For other new Titleist iron series; 695mb, 695cb and 660 click here.
Please leave me an email or comment if you have any feedback or any new information. Thank you.


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