Why do I blog?

I am still pondering over the reason or rather the lack of reason why I blog.

It's still not for money and definitely not for fame. Maybe because I thought it would be a free new world for me to express things but oh-boy I was dead wrong! Any blogger would know that there is no such thing as expression of freedom especially with the recent court cases. As Aizuddin from PPS pointed out, blogsphere consist mostly teenagers young adults and yet it is already full of politics, urgh!

I left the corporate world many years ago because of its politics, I dislike joining organization or charitable body because it also contain elements of politics. Even at golf courses nowadays, people are doing it. Darnit! (OMG! did I just swore? This blogging thing is bad influence, *cough cough*) Politic leads to war and today I learnt a new word, click here and here to understand Blog War.


A blog can be a (very) powerful tool, do use it constructively and wisely.


I come in peace.

KY said…
this blogadrama is fun fun fun
Jason said…
Blogging is fun if you don't blog issues like them do. :) I am one of them who blogs nothing but myself and yet reading whats going on in blogsphere.
ShaolinTiger said…
I blog because I have a big mouth, and a lot of opinions, so well I need somewhere to shit them out :P

Plus I take pretty pics, so nice to showcase them :D
eyeris said…
I blog because I plan to take over the world through my blog one day. MUAHAHAHA!
J!MMY said…
i blog because i can!
MahaguruSia said…
So you guys are the self-professed Fence-sitters bunch of delusional bystanders? haha, check who said that, click on the links below. Coincidently the young ciku, that haven't seen enough sun rises in his life, is apparently trying to teach people to play his childish game; by taking side?!

And to be politically correct, I shouldn't be posting a reply but what the heck, neh... neh neh....neh.. neh! lol
Anonymous said…
As a blogger, I blog because bloggers express.

Oh, yes we do. Sometimes what we express is not popular. Sometimes it's not even read. But we write it anyway.

Some of us write to purge ourselves of the thoughts and feelings that swirl around inside us. Some of us write for our readers. Some of us write simply because we must.

Some use their blog as a diary and post about their lives. Some share stories about work. Some about thier families. Some write fiction. Or poetry. Or true stories. Others post pictures. Photos. Sound.

I've seen blogs that review. Blogs that complain. Blogs that teach. Blogs that share. Blogs that act as news reporters for the area. Blogs on politics. Blogs that are cartoons. Blogs by the homeless, the poor, the middle class and even the well-off.

Blogs cross all the lines. I've read blogs from around the world. Blogs of every class, religion, race, and lifestyle.

What's the definition of a blog? I'm not sure. But I know one when I see it.

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