How to make money online?

That is a good question and I wanted answers myself. I was then told Google AdSense is THE way to go or at least that's what I was made to believed.

Two months later and one look at my Google AdSense report, I knew it will be a long.... long time before I get my hands on the elusive $100.00 google cheque. Here's a simple math on my account: I am getting about USD0.90 cents per month. Not a word from any of you!! The number has been already inflated! please continue reading, and stop laughing! Yup that's how miserable my site is. With that amount, it cannot even support my daily coffee addiction and it will take me? hmm... (doing mental calculation) USD100.00 divided by $0.90 per month, that will take about 112 months which is equivalent to 9+ odd years! I might be dead by then? Choi!

Oh well... looking at the bright side, I am not blogging for money but for ?? hmmm... interestingly I don't even know why I am blogging! [sigh]

Mahagurusia searching for his coffee pot...... come back next time for answers or if you need to ask any questions about Kuching. And remember to support my site regularly. Thanks a bunch.



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