Old Town White Coffee

Ipoh old town white cafe? What an odd name for a coffee I thought, but it tasted so good that it only took me one sip and I was hooked.
Personally, I have never been to Ipoh town. The only time I came close to Ipoh was when the KTM train that I was in, transited at Ipoh train station. Beside tin mines, the town is also known for its beautiful girls (I have been told so lah) and its food. Famous for its coffee, Hor-Fan and Tim-Sum, food lovers from North and even KL have been known to be hungry enough to drive all the way to Ipoh, just to sample its foods.

A self confess coffee addict that needs constant daily fix of caffeine, I had my first dose of Old Town White coffee last weekend for my after dinner ritual. According to it's website, the coffee is a unique blend of the finest Liberica, Arabica and Robusta coffee beans, and premium grade non-dairy creamer - which also explains why it is called white coffee. My favorite is shown here, 2-1 packaging, it comes with the optional artificial sweeteners, great for the health conscious.
Skilful roasting and careful blending techniques ensure that the fragrant aroma and strong rich after taste of Old Town White Coffee is truly one of its kind and unforgettable experience.

For more information, click http://www.oldtown.com.my

I will do anything for coffee and maybe this post will get me unlimited supply of my newfound favorite coffee for life! (Ok, maybe I was pushing my luck. Just make it 2 years) LoL!


helen said…
Have you tried Chek Hup 3 in 1 white coffee? No harm trying more brand to give your taste bud a workout. lol

In Ipoh itself, the most famous white coffee is called chun foong (sounds like that lar) white coffee. They are the pioneers and the best.

Unfortunately for them, they lack good business sense to package their coffee for export.
xaverri said…
hahhha I just had my mother send one pack to Melbourne, been craving for it.. Here there's Aik Cheong (but a word of advice -- Aik Cheong not as nice). Chek Hup is my preferred brand actually..

Welcome to the white-coffee-addicts gang :)
helen said…
Mahaguru & Diana

Sorry for the screwup. The most famous Ipoh coffee is called Sin Yun Loong. (not chun foong, come to think of it, I don't recall what the heck is chun foong...)

Blame it on caffeine deficiency. lol
MahaguruSia said…
Wah, didn't know that there are so many coffee addict like me. Can start a club already! kekeke....

Coincidently, a packet of ChekHup 2in1 got in today for me. (Just don't ask who or how) It came with optional brown sugar instead of the artificial sweetener. I still prefer the Old Town White Cafe. Got more Ompp! :-)
LynieLyna said…
Oh i just love white coffee..the aroma fills up my whole office whenever I drinks it.

Im hooked to white coffee in fact!

Chek Hup & Old Town white coffee are equally good! Though Chek Hup's stronger..

Anonymous said…
it's white coffee because during the roasting process, sugar is emitted therefore creating a lighter colored result (regularly, coffee is roasted with margarine and sugar, the sugar gives it the darker color) and not because of the creamer....

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