First purchase from ebay

Whatever it is, you can find it in here. The caption on ebay webpage is truly amazing but would anyone in Malaysia trade online? I never thought of it until someone asked me how could I trust a complete stranger and brave enough to virtually part with my hard earned money?

To me, online transaction is not foreign and it is a gamble. I have successfully purchased, paid and even sold a few items online. In my ebay account, I even managed to sell a few items over the months and only recently I joined the rank as an ebay buyer. During the past few days, I found myself furiously bidding with other users around the world for my favorite item, golf clubs. It can be an addicting experience and yet heart breaking. Which I unfortunately found out in my first attempt. I was outbid by USD0.99!! Minutes later I found myself bidding for another auction; another club that I fancied and after the final closing bid, I won! Yes! I was overjoyed with my victory and quickly paid for my winning and waited for further instruction from the seller. And I waited... and waited... My heart sunk deeper after numerous un-replied emails and nearly six days later. I tried to pacify myself by giving the seller excuses but deep down inside I know the fact that I could have been duped.
As a person that cannot sit and wait for things to happened, I contacted ebay itself and paypal, the portal where payment was channeled for the said club. Unlike the fraudsters, both website replied promptly, however due to their policies, refunds and claims can be made only after certain period of time. And this fact is known by fraudsters which I regrettably found out a few days late. ARgh.. how I wish I have known earlier. However kudos to ebay and paypal for having a buyer protection policy but it can be a tedious process like any claims.

This incident however did not deterred me from using ebay or any online transaction but it made me more aware and careful. In fact, I am now currently bidding for my 3rd clubs in 1 week. Help, I need therapy!! LoL


Alex said…
Better luck in ur 3rd clubs :)
Anonymous said…
Ebay has revolutionised the attitude of millions to buying on line. Yet, perhaps not surprisingly, the vast majority of material online is all about selling. Not surprising because that is where the money is made.

In my own little way I am trying to redress the balance. Please take a look at my ebay buying blog ebay auctions and let me know what you think

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