PizzaHut's 15mins guarantee

Vividly I remembered Pizza Hut in Australia offered free pizza on your next order if the one that you ordered didn't arrived in 15 minutes. Then this morning, I saw our local version of the offer on a flyer. Hmm... only RM5 off on your next visit? Cheh......

Anyway, it has been awhile since my last visit, so I decided to pop in to accept the offer. I was armed with my stop watch and I enquired about the offer with our attending waitress. She seemed to noticed my stop watch and the moment she finished taking our order, she scurried away even before I could press the start button.

15:00 - count down
14:30 - came the plates
13:20 - drinks
13:00 - we took some salads
12:00 - came the garlic buns
12:30 - we took our soups

time passed quickly and before I knew it, the time was at,
05:00 - and counting down

They never have a chance with so many customers waiting. Then... at
02:40 - to spare, our pizza came! #$%^&

I am impressed, no doubt. Syabas! :)

For more info, visit

Next time, I will wait until the place is pack to the brim before ordering!! hehehe!


loren said…
I think they've got it down to a science. But good luck.

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