Please, we are friendly

Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, is a unique diverse multi-culture city. For first time visitors, they usually will be surprised by the people's warmth and friendliness. At times, this overwhelming welcome can be mistaken by some as too good to be true. However rests assure that majority of us is genuinely friendly.

For travelers to Kuching, they will find conversing with the locals, a non-issue, as majority understands English. While most local speaks either Malay or Iban, the Chinese that populate the city area has an advantage by being able also to speak various Chinese dialects. Hokkien, Hakka and Teo-chew are few main clan found here.

Ordering drinks and food should also be a breeze, with easy to follow menu, mainly in English and Chinese.

Unless, one is lucky enough to encounter the occasional blunders.

Porridge Meet Chicken Century Egg

As for those that are able to speak Cantonese (a Chinese dialect), they will be surprised that it's rarely use in Kuching due to their low population density. Personally it is a relief, as I don't like their attitude in general. Please, before anyone start, I am not discriminating; some of my good friends are Cantonese. Just that I find their aggressive behavior too much for my liking. Maybe the few bad encounters with Cantonese from Hong Kong while on oversea trips didn‘t help. And it was made worst with my visit to Petaling Street in Kuala Lumpur. The traders there are generally rude; if you touched any of their merchandize and did not buy them, be prepare to expect hell from them.

Shopping in Kuching on the other hand is a calming experience. However visitors from the two mentioned places or any orgin for that matter, are found to be always on the edge when in Kuching. Can't blame though, since some of them live in such harsh environment. My only gripe is that, they shouldn't behave so cocky insecure, since we will not treat them as such. We are after all, a friendly bunch of people.

With that said, maybe this is the reason why cantonese are rare in Kuching?

We eat them to extinctions! Kekekeke ....... was just kidding.

Do come and visit Kuching but come in peace. For more mahagurusia Kuching travel guide, click here or click on previous posts menu, listed on the right.


simon said…
maybe hokkien meat is not as sweet...
I love Kuching but don't think can afford going there again anytime soon. 'Cos I am eyeing Sabah, KK.
Tina said…
geezzz.. u sure do like food dont ya?!
MahaguruSia said…
simon - haha, hokkien girls are sweet. Trust me :)

5xxmom - I understand. Travel with so many kids on tow will be heavy, no matter what atm you use!

tina - no doubt about that. I hope the food like me? :)

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