AC's dad sudden passing

Last evening, before I sat myself down, my mobile phone beeped. It was a sms from AC. My mind went blank for a second after I read his message, "My father had passed away". Oh no!

Immediately after I gathered my thoughts, I rang him. From the tone of his voice, I knew he was too emotionally down to say anything. And I also knew how he felt and quickly, I made a few calls to our circle of friends and we decided to meet up at AC's place. When we arrived, we were greeted by AC and we all shook hands. As we put our arms around him to comfort him, AC finally couldn't held back anymore and broke down in tears. A middle age man, a father of four and a friend that I knew for so long, cried for the first time on our shoulders. "It's ok...., let it all out" we said. "We know how you feel....."

After drying our tears, each of us quickly helped by making calls for the necessary arrangement. AC was too stunned to do anything, as the incident hours ago, happened too quickly. His father was a strong happy man and was at home when the self accident happened. He fell unconscious and never recovered. AC just recently bought a house, one block away from his parent's house. He wanted to be close to his father and so that his children can visit their grandparents daily. However it was not meant to be. I hated funerals as I never know what to say at moment like these. It also made me wonder about what life is all about.

My condolence to AC and his family.


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