Titleist new irons

Its funny how one becomes a slave loyal fan to a certain brand. I am a classic example, I am die hard Titleist fan.

My titleist 990 irons have been with me for many years and the grooves are wearing out. Hence the current search for its replacement. I never fancied the 690.mb, 690.cb and the 704.cb The latest 735.cm combination irons looks charming but having a variant of cavity and muscle back just doesn't appeal to me. The latest rumors is that Titliest will be launching 2 new iron models before 2006. (660 and 695 which both are forged and with bore through hosels) Titleist remains mum on the release date of the Titleist 660 (which may replace the 670 and 680) and the Titleist 695.CB and 695.MB (to replace the 690s).

695 irons pictures, was initally obtained from here

The other pictures (below) were obtained from BombSquadGolf.com, thanks to Anser for his contribution

What a beautiful set of irons! Can't wait to get my hands on them for a review.

Anyone with specification or photo of 660, kindly let me know.

* Recent photo updates - Titleist 695CB


Wingz said…
eh my wood is still real wood!! lol beat that!! my golf clubs really classic la .. i think i shud donate to muzium for display edi lol
Anonymous said…
FYI, nice website, the pic of the 695's are actually now called the 660. The clubs in the bag are the 695 mb. The 660's have been designed with a lower cg and heel weight bias for ease in turning the ball over. In the 695's the weight was moved away from the hosel to work the ball both ways easier. FYI

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