Odyssey putter grip change

Ever since I bought my odyssey putter, it had gone through only one grip change and sadly, after only 3 months, this is how it looked like.
This crummy Odyssey replacement grip was chosen simply because of its soft tacky feel and in-fashion colour, Red. However it was a big dissapointment as the poor quality surfaced within one month of usage. (The original grip lasted for years!)

Today, the putter under went another grip operation. Since putter is the most used club during any golf game, the latest Golf Pride putter grip, new for 2005 lineup : New Decade Red was chosen for this task.

At the operating table

Oh boy, I just can't wait to review it on course and I know I am going to love it simply because it is distintively RED! - A Good Feng-Shui colour :-)


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