Chicken Little Scam SMS?

It was a long day yesterday and as I plunged myself onto my fluffy sofa, my mobile phone beeped. It was a short message (SMS)

When I retrieved the message, it wrote "Enjoy our promotion! You may redeem free ringtone Chicken Little Theme Song now! Just sms <1133m> for mono and <1133p> for poly to 39444" from 39444Hmm... FREE ring tone download? Somehow I got this squirmy feeling that it's a scam, what say you all? Have anyone received or tried this?


reply with sms HELP to the same shortcode, and they should (by law) reply you with their customer support phone number. Call that number up and ask them. Good luck.. ;)

If they dont reply with their Number... call up your telco and lodge a complaint and they'll get some fire up their arse. heh heh. Since the shortcode starts with 39***.. im guessing its most likely a Celcom shortcode. Maxis is 32***. I forgot Digi's one.
MahaguruSia said…
Opss.... see this post, something is very very fishy going on!!
Maverick SM said…
Thanks mahaguru, I used the pics and pasted it in my post.

So, you have the same problem and are you billed for the sms?
MahaguruSia said…
No Maverick, I didn't fell for it. However I am cheesed that my number was given out by the telcos but on the other hand, it could be randomly picked. Gee... where is our privacy as a consumer?!!!
cancelthisacct said…
It's part of the revenue drive for the Telco. Thru the Telco, the advertiser can reach broader audience/potential customers. So if Telco can generate income via tis way, will they forgo this opportunity?

I got many of these. I've to admit, it's irritating & breached of privacy. Wonder whether we can take legal action against the Telco. Hey! If bloggers can sue each other, why can't we sue the Telco? ;)
pyb said…
Thanks mahagurusia.
Isn`t it a reverse billing, why can charge directly?
I just received 1 message from 39444,is it work when I type help and reply.
Anonymous said…
check ecentury sdn bhd... they always...they have few shortcode nos.
pyb said…
I complain it about 39444 already, I got a reply from maxis(it is under maxis) and consumer department.
Maxis said they will paid me back if deduct from 39444.
Luckily, I didn`t received anything again.
Anonymous said…
If you get spam from 2xxxxx (5-digit beginning with 2), then its the work of either Celcom or Maxis.

For DiGi, it's 2000 (4-digits only). I've yet to receive any spam other than DiGi's own promotional info (like launch of new services, etc).

If you get spams from 3xxxx, call the telco up, ask them for the content provider responsible for that shortcode. Then, call that content provider up, and screw them upside down, left and right.

I've screwed a few of them myself for spamming me!. Worst comes to worst, get MCMC to step in and revoke these content provider's license.

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