How do you know when election is near?

- Kuching News -

I am not trying to steal Simon's job :)

But here is my Top 10 reasons why we know election is around the corner:

  • Politician are out in the field, giving free handshakes and smiles
  • EC sudden campaign to remind eligible voters to register
  • Road pot holes are been mended
  • Municipal councils are finally seen doing their job
  • Newspaper's headlines are full of politicians
  • Politician are bashing opposition members for brownie points
  • New government projects are suddenly proposed
  • Old projects are suddenly revived
  • Sudden surge in political party's gatherings
  • Finally, MPs return from their hibernation. The puppets are alive?!

Funny how we never see them during rest of the years? Hmm...


Jess said…
so ironically true hor? *sigh*
Samm said…
True, true... and all on TV too, cilaka.

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