Scotty Cameron Newport 2005

It is every golfer's dream to owned one.

Introducing my first and latest Scotty Cameron Newport 2005, the so called Rolex putter in golf due to its excellence in craftsmanship and price tag.Why the change? I have been contemplating it myself. The old putter is working fine and knowing the fact that a putter is the most used and important club in a round of golf, the temptation of owning the best got to me. But does buying such an expensive putter justifiable? Here is a quote from Scotty, the man himself:

"The price points on my putters are relatively high, but you aren't just buying performance. You're buying confidence. It's human nature to have greater faith in something you've paid a premium for. On the other hand, the putters I make had better deliver, because if a $5 putter you grab out of a barrel performsbetter than a putter that costs $275, we both know which one you'll pick."

And for the skeptic, read this one:

"Is my Newport putter a takeoff on the Ping Anser? Of course it is. Is the
American Classic similar to the Bulls Eye? Certainly. But is it wrong to
take off on their original designs and try to make them better? Absolutely
not. Schwinn didn't invent the bicycle, but I dare you to call the Grey
Ghost model a knockoff. My approach to putter design is the same."


Model featured here is a 34", standard lie and loft Studio Style, Newport model. The Studio Style line features the softer flowing lines and a square pluming neck with a full shaft of offset.

According to Scotty Cameron, by combining the finest milled stainless materials with precision inlay technology, the new Studio Style line of putters provide superb feel and sound for a soft yet responsive touch. A pure, high grade machined inlay of German Stainless Steel (GSS) is attached to the precision milled Studio Stainless Steel body through a special vibration pad, and the entire inlay is surrounded by an elastomer cushion to further enhance the soft feel. The Newport model draws its inspiration from the Classic 1, one of the first putters produced by Cameron Golf International in late '92, and made famous in the '93 Masters win. The Newport has been refined in the Studio making it slightly wider from front to back with a thinner topline and more radiused weight bumps leading down the back flange. This gives the putter a softer, less mechanical look while retaining the 1/4 toe hang for optimal toe flow. The finish, a soft beaded mist, eliminates glare from the topline, while the face has a scotch-brite finish and the GSS insert retains its milled look. There is a single sight-line making the Newport easy to align and the red Studio Design grip, made famous by Davis Love III, inspires confidence and feel. Scotty does everything for a reason including the family inspired graphics, which completes the Studio Style line of putters. The four bright colored dots represent Scotty and his family giving every putter that personal touch, not to mention its distinction.

What is the difference:

There are a few model of Newport, the main difference are mainly in the neck of the putter and the length of the putter head. Tiger wood uses the older or original newport 2 model. The tour model has a scotty tour stamp "T" on it and that's about it. One can custom order it to be imprinted for a fee or add colours, initial or some custom made design, which I wouldn't pay unless u want to throw your money away for free.

On course review:

The Titleist putter felt good at setup, physically and visually which gave me the confident to put in play the very next day in my club competition. The head weighing in at 340g gives the putter head a superb well balance feel, although it will take a while to get use to the superior heavier than normal feel compare to some other putters.

How does it perform overall? Mahagurusia feels that with such a huge price tag on a putter, it should work even it does not. hehe... Seriously? It is the best. 10/10


Wingz said…
Will you gimme that for xmas ??? plz ?
Jess said…
i'm a tech moron, so i wun ask it as xmas gift, no worries... dun so hi-tech la, i cant keep up! =p
MahaguruSia said…
Sorry for the late reply, I am still in cloud nine with this newly acquired putter. She felt so good that I almost brought this young thing to bed. lol

Seriously, this is the best putter and golf investment that I have made so far. Great stuff.

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