China's stuff

The world awaits the sleeping giant; China.

And while waiting, they should make some effort in improving their product presentation. To see what I meant, scroll down for photos.

Did you know that Electric Mosquito are bad? It is actually an electrical zapper (bad=bat). With a flick of a switch, the mesh will be electrified and any insects caught in it will be vaporized. Bad?

And with so many flies and mosquitoes in China, every house hold should have one. Which explained their domination in badminton. Yes? Beside bad English Mosquito, China people are a poetic lot. See photo below to know what I mean?It is actually a preserved snack food. Can anyone tell me what fruit is this and eating this fruit will make one more poetic?
Click HERE for an earlier post on breast milk and more photos. Beware!


Samm said…
i have one of those zappers too, lol.
Jess said…
Which explained their domination in badminton? Yes? lol...good one there! ;)
MahaguruSia said…
Samm, the zappers are getting cheaper. This one I got it for only RM4.99. Unbelievable! and its not even organic. :)

jess, good pick up there. Didn't know that there are people that understood my dry humor. :)

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