Celcom bully

I am really annoyed today!

Made a rare trip to Celcom's Satok Branch in Kuching because of THIS. I was then made to wait for nearly an hour before been served and was then ticked off by their customer service personnel for requesting SMS (text messages) that I did not made?! Hello, I am here to report a complain, not to be question by you as if I am an idiot that know nuts about phones!

Nevertheless she promised to lodge my complaint on the intrusive 39444 sms that I have received and charged.

The solution to stop the unwanted SMS? I was then told to personally call up the following company "e-century Sdn Bhd tel:03-21619032 (ext 14) or 03-21711286" which I assumed to be the company that operates the spamming 39444 gateway. Wah! that was the final blow as it is not only ridiculous as I was charged for SMS that I did not request, but I have to waste further of my time calling people that have been charging me unwarranted services. What a total waste of resources and if this not a money making scam, what do you call it?

Malaysia Mana Boleh?

Share your thoughts please.


Thank you for sharing. From the emails and comments that I have received, it seems that I am not the only one fiddled by these unseen dirty handed companies. Even our famous blogger, Jeff Ooi encountered similar experience. His link can be found below:


My nightmare started from HERE. Follow the links attached for more information.


Anonymous said…
Don't be sad bro. Check out The Star dated 7 Dec 05. Shown in the "At The Dewan Rakyat yesterday" page. There was an article "Observe the rules, telcos told".

Ask them to reverse the charges. Otherwise, tell them them that you will complain to MCMC http://www.mcmc.gov.my/
MahaguruSia said…
Thanks anonymous. The attending customer service personnel said that the matter have to investigate further and need higher authority's approval before they can do any reverse charges. That's fine by me and I will wait and see the outcome.

What pissed me off, was that I have to call the spamming company to informed them that I do not want to receive any of their sms which in the first place, I NEVER requested. sigh....
路 人 甲 said…
helo i m shin yee. i oso receive such sms for many time from this 39444 n they simply deduct my money though i did not send any sms to buy the ringtone. can u help me or teach me how to solve this problem? i m also a celcom user i think i m in the same trouble with u because i also receive the chicken little ringtone. if possible z reply me in ur blog or in this comment column. u can email me as well (shinyee03@yahoo.com.sg).thank you
cancelthisacct said…
Sighhhhh... sad to hear wat u've gone through. Been in ur shoes. I got really fedup with them. I'm not happy with their service, so I switch to other Telco. I rather give the business to somebody else who care.
MahaguruSia said…
Shin Yee. lodge a report with your service provide which in this case, Celcom and get a copy of the report for proof and follow up. If all still fail, MCMC is a good avenue to lodge your complaint. Otherwise, you can switch to another company like JT did.

callmeJT, I do not like to run away from a problem but if it is a war that cannot be won, then I will retreat. :)
Anonymous said…
mahagurusia, shin yee here. i m prepaid user n not a postpaid user so how to get proof? can i go to the service center n ask them to solve the problem?
Samm said…
Sorry to hear that Celcom gave you the roundaround. I checked hubby's bills after i read ur posts and we're lucky we din kena. *touch wood*. If kena, i guarantee u i take lots of video recordings when i go file complaint, k.
and when i want to make complaint in mcmc, guess what, they only treat hard copy as valid complaint, so please download your pdf or word and glue some stamp to make them believe you are really a victims.

same story here

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