So close yet so far

Christmas was a wet and frustrating one.
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No, not that kind of wet you silly horny buggers. It was the rain lah that poured intermittently throughout the week but somehow it magically cleared on Christmas afternoon. So what does a real man do on a lazy holiday arvo? GOLF what else. *smirk*

Quickly, our golf game went under way and I played one of my best golf ever. An even par at the toughest nine, made the course look like putt putt playground. At the back nine and after 4 holes and half, I was two under par, thanks to the new Scotty Cameron (my self Christmas present) that helped birdie the 10th and 13th. However, it was after I wedged my beautiful third shot into the par 5 14th, the rain returned with full strength and forced us to abandon the game with 4 remaining holes to go. Argh... I swore I could have easily broke 72 on Christmas day! Maybe there was hope, I thought. And stubbornly I waited out for the rain to pass. Hours later, night fell and sadly it was just a day not meant to be or was it a blessing in disguise?

For those that do not golf or hate golf. It is our goal as an amateur golfer, to shoot or break the par 72 barriers. To simplify it further, one need to hit the golf balls 72 times or less to get it into the 18 different designated holes. The feeling is simply orgasmic and that is also one of the reasons why we never ever get bored. Hohoho...

Peace and Happy New Year.


Nine3 Nine 3 said…
Easy to get , where got fun

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