Titleist Carry Bag Review Revisit

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The initial story of my Titleist bag can be found HERE.

It have been months and I nearly given up hope when the pro shop rang. Finally! my replacement bag had arrived and I was even more surprised to see that it was upgraded to a newer model. Although it took a while for Titleist rep in Malaysia to replace my defective bag, I guess this New kick ass bag makes up for it. Thank you Titleist for making me wait so long.

Izzo dual strap is still being use but the metal support rings used in the previous model have been taken out. A better design this time round.
Gazillions of pockets and compartments with Titleist logoed zippers. Great for storage but with so many of them, it's like a confusing maze. So do take note of where your golf items are stored. :-)This model is fully-featured lightweight stand bag that provide a hassle free carry for the serious walker and I trust this stand bag model will continue to excite the player who is an outdoor enthusiast like me. 2 thumbs up


Samm said…
I have to fumble around looking for Gordon's stuffs in my bag tho it only has 5 compartments. With urs now, hahaha, gonna be a real headache soon.
anser said…
Nice bag .. but nothing beat OGIO

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