Anti Mat Golfer

I am a mad golfer and I hate golf mat.

For those that do not golf, golf mat is an artificial piece of green (usually 4'x4') made to replicate turf or grass for delusional golfer like me to hit golf balls off. Commonly it can be found at golf driving range, which is a special field designed for golf deprived nuts to hit bucket loads of balls toward puny designated distanced flag sticks.

Why driving range? Well, it is a great practice area for golf addicts especially for those that do not own a 3 acre backyard or when bad weather prevents them from playing on the course. For some, it's a venue to sharpen their teeth skills. Besides, hitting golf balls at the range can be therapeutic (just trust me on this one).

A self-professed range rat, I have these urges to visit the range at least twice a week or else I will get this craving feeling. It is like a drug addiction! However, I have managed to quit cold turkey this year and I only patronized them once in a while. But when I do go, I never hit off the bloody mat. I HATE THEM!

My hate for the mat, goes back many years ago during a time when I was on a good playing streak. It was raining that fateful late evening and itchy me decided to head for the range. As it was wet outside, my favorite grass area was out of bound and I have to make do with the indoor area, which was matted.

After a few quick stretches to warm up, I hit my first ball off the mat and what do you know? A sculled shot sent the ball screaming into the darkness at a hideous low trajectory. No worries as I comforted myself, then I hit my second ball, third one, fourth until the tenth, all were #$%& low ugly shots. Must be my bad day I thought. As I continued, bad shots were predominant throughout the session and my hands started to hurt. And it was fated after the session, my golf deserted me and went south. Way way south!

Later I learnt, that hitting balls on artificial mat gives a false sense of good shots, as miscued shots are usually masked by the fact that clubs will slides on top of the matt and still hit the ball. Besides that, pounding hundreds of golf ball with super hard concrete underneath the mat does not help the fragile hands either. From then onwards, I swore to myself not to ever play on mats.

It took me quite a while to get my game back into shape and of course there were plenty of golf lessons (on actual grass), golf magazines and in the process I too made a few golf video producers a little richer. My game has returned since then and I am even better but I will grit my teeth whenever I see a golf mat.

These are just my excuses but I truly really hate mat. Die mat! Die!


Over here in Penang, they have those night range golfing on those green mats. Aiyoh...for someone like me who hates golf, I think it is pretty silly for grown ups to line up there under the spot light hitting little balls. Hahaha.
MahaguruSia said…
This golf game brings out the perfectionist in us. Human are not robots, therefore we can NEVER play consistently and that's when the "geram" or addiction of hitting The perfect shot kicks in. Golf is a disease. LOL
anser said…
well orang tak boleh pangsai will blame the floor hard :)
MahaguruSia said…
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MahaguruSia said…
For those that do not understand malay, the above comment made by anser if translated, basically meant that if one can't play on mat, don't blame it on the hard floor. (And I am hacker!!) Funny chap this friend of mine. Hahaha.... good one. :)

Anser - I am (quite) versatile and can play anywhere but are you sure you fully understand the consequences and why playing on mat is bad for golfer? *Sigh*

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