Kuching Curry Rice

Old things tend to be forgotten and Ann Lee restaurant is one of them.

For many visitors and even some Kuchingites, they will not have the slightest idea that Ann Lee Restaurant located at Carpenter Street is one of the oldest eatery place in town the city. Once, it was The chinese restaurant for weddings and functions. However with newer and bigger restaurants taking over, the almost forgotten Ann Lee restaurant has then shifted its core business from catering banquet to preparing lunches on a daily basis.

One of its' specialty is mix curry rice. It consist of rice with char siew, chicken and roasted meat. The topping of home made vegetable curry will make anyone salivate by just looking at it. A must try for first timer.
Beside the curry rice, fresh cook food are still available from their traditional kitchen. However do not expect a menu as there is non available. To order, just ask for what you fancy or enquire with the chef for recommendation. MahaguruSia rate the tomato ketchup kueh tiaw 9/10. :-)


cHikAnoZ said…
looks yummy...

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