Review : Titleist 907 D2

Square drivers? Seriously I would rather 3 putt than be seen with one. Call me an old stubborn traditionalist but I am sticking to my pear looking shape driver. Hence I got myself a Titleist 907 D2 driver to replace my ageing 905R.

But then why are majority of manufacturers coming out with their own version of unconventional shaped drivers? Have they ran out of ideas? Technically it make sense if we look closely at the current hype as golf manufacturers are pushing more and more weight to the back corners hence making drivers wider and squarer looking shape.

But are they any better? Feedbacks and reviews from users certainly are mixed. Mostly reported that the balls certainly go straighter and felt more forgiving but no necessary longer. And as for golfers that like to shape their shots then these boxes are certainly more difficult to turn over.

As for my Titleist 907 D2, it came with the new Aldila Proto VS 65g Stiff shaft

to be continue.....


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