Shaping your shot

No, this blog entry is not about how to shape your golf shots.

I am actually trying keep this particular site to focus on golf as its one of my passion but at times I just can't help myself to jot down some of my ramblings. Especially this one when election fever is everywhere.

On this 8th of March, 2008, Malaysian voters will go to poll again to decide on who will govern this country for the next 5 years and maybe beyond. Will there be a change in our political landscape? Will it for the better or worst? I cannot foresee the future or any good in any of our politicians, so I do not know.

But one thing I know for sure, many things have changed over the years. From my profile, it doesn't tell much about me except that I am a Malaysian but felt segregated as a non bumi. I never felt that way when I was a kid and I wonder why?

As a child, I spent most of my schooling years in the outback of Sarawak due to my parent's work commitment. In primary school, I was enrolled into the sole national school in my small little town and I was one of the very few non-bumi. As an innocent child, nothing matters. I made friends with everyone, regardless of who they were. I learnt to speak different dialects and languages and I blended well with them. I got to understand different cultures, believes and religions. I even remembered vividly that I top my class in Jawi subject as it was included in the co curriculum, Not that having an ustaz as one of my neighbor helps but I definitely made more friends.

I changed school during secondary school and I made even more friends as pupils from other primary schools around the division merged into this main secondary school. There I met Chinese students which were rare during my primary school years. From there I learnt to speak mandarin and even managed to pick up a few local Chinese dialect. As you can imagined, I am quite multi lingual, not an expert but I get by as it helps a fair bit in this multi racial country. From there I graduated and was lucky to further my study else where.

While oversea, I was proud that I came from a multi racial country and assumed that everyone back home have the same patriotism as the people in this foriegn country. They are also proud to be who they are and they don't differentiate on who you were or where you came from. Everyone is at par and enjoyed the same right as every fellow countrymen should deserved. However upon returning to Malaysia after many years abroad, I had a rude shock of what's happening. Things were not as I thought they were when I was a child, people are economically isolated by allegedly corrupt and lob sided government policies which is silently killing the national integrity. But being Malaysians, people here have endured, maybe because of their nevermine (tidak apa attitude) but for how long?

I feel sadden and I think my late grand father would have felt the same way as he came to this country a century ago, like many others to toil his bone and sweat to make a living as a farmer and helped built this nation into a country we now call Malaysia.

I can't do much nor that I change the world alone but I do care. I do care for a fair and righteous governance. I do care about a government thats for all. Please! Malaysians are ONE and should not be divided into quotas!

So vote for what is right. Good luck my fellow Malaysian, the golf shots is in your hands.


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