The world is laughing

Malaysia must be the world's laughing stock these days.

The ruling coalition that just managed to hang on to a simple majority is still in a daze of what hit them although it was obviously a train that slammed into them. Maybe they are just plain ignorant or arrogant.

Then there are the people that are too emotionally to think straight or just can't think for themselves. Given the benefit of doubt, maybe they are influenced by slick talking politicians that are insecure of their future. Or maybe they are brain wash by the bias reporting from the main stream media that are politically owned.

What's wrong with fair governance for all? The outside world must think that Malaysian don't have any backbone to stand on their own. Where is the pride?!

Stop bickering Malaysians and give the new system time to work. Dont't be insecure, the change is good for the future.


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