REVIEW: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 2007

Pegasus is a mid entry model running shoe, which has been in Nike stable for decades. However, as a legendary model, the year 2007 model received a luke warm response reviews from it's followers and the running community. Nevertheless I bought it as running is a part of my golf fitness regime and here's my review.

Straight from the box, thanks to my uncle in Nike Malaysia, the grey and redliner on my new pegasus stunned me for a while as I was more used to the conventional white base shoe colour. Nevertheless the shoe slipped easily into my foot and it was comfortably cushy with plenty of good padding all around. The shoe's lace however is a bit short, so I left the last lace loop empty, just like the rest of my other running shoes.

The feel is flexible yet a stable platform to run on. It also felt light as the upper side is constructed from breathable synthetic mesh which gave the shoe overall weigh in at 360g, which is not the lightest shoe around. The inner red bowerman PU mid sole liner however is a bit thin for my neutral foot liking, but don't be fool as the outsole provide plenty of cushioning and it looks durable. And oh yes, it also come with the optional ipod nano pad for those tech savy runners that love music while on their run, which I yet to try on how to use.

On the road, my first run with it felt very responsive as the sole is flexible yet it felt sluggish as there were plenty of cushioning which I was not accustom too. And evidently I was proven wrong when I ran and timed my first 5km in this pegasus; I managed to clocked a moderate 28mins in a slight breeze condition route. Not bad for guy that haven't ran for years and I believe a faster time will be recorded when I get my fitness level up!

Overall, this shoe is a good buy although not cheap which is currently retailing at RM359. Still a value for money if one is looking for a reliable mid entry level running shoe. 3.5 stars out of 5 from me.


Anonymous said…
hi have u tested any nike clubs?

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