What will you do if

Tremor warnings have been issued and the country is having a political turmoil. However you have booked your travel plan and supposed to leave in a week time. Will you:

a. still go because life has to goes on
b. still go because you are not responsible for anyone in your life
c. still go because nothing is bound to happen
d. still go because tickets have been booked (duh)
e. cancel and wait for better time

Your thoughts please.


surfnux said…
cancel and wait for a better time. Better be safe dan sorry. Right?
Egghead said…
ask for a refund and vow never to go to that place again! :P
Anonymous said…
i'll still go. but knowing my family, they'll advice me against it and i'll end up not going. if they dunno about it, war breaks loose also i'll go. more interesting things to c.
cyber-red said…
dont have SARS what... just go and be safe.
LMF said…

if u die, you'd any anyway.
Never watch Final Destination?
james said…
I'd consider those details carefully. Political turmoil is usually played-up on CNN. Tremor warnings are probably more serious.
may said…
I dunno really. maybe a combination of a & d. but for my family's sake, it might be e.
renae said…
cancel and wait for better time??!! I'm responsible to my family too.. don't want them to worry..
Jesslyn said…
me kiasi type, sure cancel it!
but u see the Bali case, still got ppl go there after the booming session!
james said…
I need to add this: No one should mess with Mother Nature, cos she can be one vicious bitch.

Assuming you go to a country and there's a political uprising, you may still get out alive by your wit and charm, and maybe even your financial status. But if you happen to be somewhere and there's an earthquake or a tsunami, your money and good looks ain't gonna do diddly squat.

Pick another time to go. Don't walk into a natural disaster.
NotStupid said…
Political uprising is a big no no, why risk it?
f: Go with a laptop, cameras, supplies of batteries and pray that you are caught in the crossfire so that you got bloggable materials.

Just joking. I would think for the safety of my dependants and cancel at all cost. But if I am young and dangerous with suicidal tendency, why not?

BTW, are you supposed to go to Thailand for some golf, issit? Is the fare refundable? If so, postpone lor?

And nice new template.
smurfette said…
juz like most of them, better safe than sorry

life may be short, but maybe there's a risk dying earlier than you're supposed to leh... sorry, ain't much of a risk-taker :P

btw, tis is a much better template
MahaguruSia said…
First of all, please lah I am not the mentioned. I will never try to tempt my fate at this stage of my life. I am in the "E" answer category. Hehe

I hear people say life is short, but it doesn't mean you have to live it to the fullest carelessly. This maybe applies when one is at a younger age, the carefree, no fear, no responsibility age. To me when life is short, it means it is precious and it is more precious when you love somebody and somebody loves you. More apparent when one has a family. All these preciousness will induce responsibility that makes a person think rationally. But I guess not all people will understand and some will be oblivious or even ignorant about it. Sad but that's the fact.

Anyway, in many events, things might turn up fine but as the saying goes, what is the point when rice has turned into porridge. Thanks for the interesting different comments, keep them coming :)
simon said…
i'd hv to go for E.

seriously, r u taking a straw poll for someone?
Alex Allied said…
cancel and wait for a better time.
Helen said…
I'll choose E. I'll just wait for a better time. :-)

My life is more costly than the air tickets lar!! :-P

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