Who is boss?

Government bureaucracy tends to churn out spineless human being.

Gone were the days where civil servants proudly served the people. Instead they became arrogant fool that feel that their duties are chores. They fear no one except responsibilities and politicians.

It also irked me to see elected individual by the people for the people being worship like god. I guess politicians are just plain cunning to take advantage of naive people and the power vested in them.

Classic example can be seen in recent HFM outbreak in Sarawak, CDC and the state health department have the power to close down premises (in this case kindergartens and primary schools) during emergency cases to contain any outbreak. However there were no pro active moves taken although it is known that it is a serious health issue. Instead they waited for politician to make announcements. For more political mileages at the expense of our children's life?

The HFM is a viral disease and there is NO specific treatment available. Young children are more susceptible to this infection and what made it alarming is the EV71 strain found here. It has been known to have caused fatality if found and not treated early.

As a precaution measure, parents are advice to adhere to stricter hygiene and temporary avoid crowded places. Should a child developed rashes and fever, they should immediately seek medical treatment.

Educating the people on the disease and how to contain the spread is a long hard process and it's even harder through restricted electronic media. Authorities should immediately disseminate clear-cut measures and guidelines through available mass media instead playing fiddles.


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