Bigger, longer

Golfers are gullible lot for distance.

Mention any driver which can add 20 yards and maybe even 30 meters off the tee, they will surely be interested. Golf club manufacturers knows this and have been deploying marketing strategies and advertisements to harness golfer's weakness or should I say addictions?

Realistically, golfer's driving distance have not increase dramatically over the years. With claims of at least an extra 10 yard with every new driver launched annually, the average distance off the tee with the accumulated increments over 20 years should have been over 400 yards. However, statistic have shown that the average off the tee distance for PGA players have only improved from 240+ yards to about 280+ yards. It's significant nevertheless.

I play with Titleist drivers. I upgraded from 983K with Fujikura 660 exotic speeder shaft to the bigger 905T heavier, mid weight Fujikura speeder 757 shaft. Yet, I have not noticed any significant increase in distance. Maybe because I am already averaging carries at 220+ meters or 240+ yard off the tee. However playability of the shots, increases by leaps because of the extra forgiveness in the 905T. More fairway hits, hence more chances of green in regulation (GIR)

With that said, March 15 2006 saw Titleist launched its latest and biggest driver, Pro Titanium 905R 460cc. But I won't be rushing out to grab one soon even with the extra 36% sweet spot over it's predecessor. Reviews from players have shown that there were no significant increase in distance which is already capped by human physical ability and capability.

However for users with older technology and driver head smaller than 360 cc, an upgrade to this new driver will definitely not disappoint. The 905R is a Tour-proven 460cc pear shaped titanium driver with shallow face for players seeking the ultimate combination of ball speed, launch angle, spin and forgiveness which was a rare attribute in Titleist until the introduction of 983 series. The 905R also comes with an extensive selection of lofts and shafts, to cater a wide range of serious golfers.

For more information, it can be obtain from Titleist official website, here.


Lord Vendetta said…
I'd still say perfect your swinging 1st before anything else !

happy golfing ;)
MahaguruSia said…
Yup, having good golf fundamental is most vital but I also believed in having good lucks during a round.

Have a tee-rific day yourself :)

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