What is loft?

In golf definition, loft is a technical measurement, in degrees, of the angle of which the face of the club lies relative to a perfectly vertical line.

Loft gives you an idea of how high and far the ball will go. Hence golf balls hit with drivers will tend to go the furthest and launches the lowest because they are the least lofted club, while wedges are the most lofted. Drivers lofts are usually between 7.0 and 12.0 degrees and clubs increase in loft through the set until reaching the lob wedge, which is usually lofted around 60 degree.

Loft is also sometimes used in golf to described special people. After reading Mack's recent post, some beginners are best quickly be advice to take up another sport or hobby, simply because they are loft. So what is loft you asked? Well,

LOFT= Lack Of Fucking Talent.

Haha, it's not meant to discourage anyone from taking up golf, but after putting in the best effort and trying for sometimes, one ought to realize and accept their own limitation of being LOFT at something that they do. I know I am lofted in knitting. :-)

However many continued on playing despite being LOFTed and years of practices because golf is universally unique and a very-very addictive game for perfectionist. Hitting a little ball accurately to a precise distance require lots of practice and great self timing. And you only get to do it once during the game which makes it frustrating at times. Some believes hitting pure perfect shots gives an orgasmic feeling and better than sex. *cough*

Truly a great game to bond friendship that reflects many true character of a person, even if they are lofted.


Kenny Sia said…
Well gee thanks. I guess if you never try, you'll never know if you're a LOFT. ;)
MahaguruSia said…
Thanks Kenny, you have a great sense of humour. :)

Btw, love the background music on your golf video. Practice makes perfection and perfection makes golfers nuts! Good luck :))

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