N.S.PRO shaft

As I was browsing through one my favorite golf store the other day, I stumbled upon a rather strange silver matted looking N.S.PRO shaft. At first I thought it was one of those imitation knock off shaft as it was not shinny as a normal stainless steel shaft and have a graphite look but yet feels like a steel. And upon closer inspection, I was told that it is one of N.S.Pro latest shaft offering, N.S.PRO Super Peening Steel shaft for irons (Semi-lightweight type)

Here's a photo of it that I found on NSPRO website
The matted look is due to Shot peening treatment which strengthens the surface to eliminate shaft weakness and the resulting head lag. That means one can hit the ball hard and still count on accurate trajectories and greater control.

I came to like NS PRO shaft after I reshafted my Titleist 990 a few years back with the ever popular 950GH NS.PRO and never look back ever since. And as my love and hate 990 irons are wearing out, especially the grooves in the shorter irons, I am hunting for a replacement iron set with NS Pro shaft in them. And so far I have narrow it down to the ZM series although I was gravitating toward the AP2 Titleist apart from the new AP1 and ZB blend model.

In the end, the thinner top line of the Z muscle back series appeal to me more than the AP2. Besides, the ZM that I saw, came with the super penning shaft. It comes in a few model which are colour coded, brown, orange, red and blue, which indicate different weight and kick point.

The lightest of the super penning series shaft is the brown coded that comes in 107g which slightly heavier than my 950GH which I don't really mind. As long someone is willing to sponsor me the set! Email me for donation details. :-)


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