Sarawak Blackout

Everything went pitch black when I was just about to have my nasi lemak for dinner, there was a power outage!

This is just great, a blackout on a Saturday night! I looked out the window, the street was dark and so was my neighbour's houses. The whole town must be out and thought nothing of it as it happened before, so we waited in the dark for the electricity to recover. Beside, there was nothing we can do as we are at the mercy of Sesco, the sole electricity provider in the state, so we waited recklessly in the humid night. 10 minutes passed and another 10 went by and another. Half an hour later there was still no sign that any current will return. A call to the customer complain line was useless as the telephone line was apparently jam or they couldn't be bother to hang it up, to avoid receiving angry calls from consumers around the city.

2 hours later I made a call to a friend who is working as an engineer in the state own company and was told that there was a major breakdown in one of the main grid and nearly the whole Sarawak is in the black. Hmm.... that's a major event.

Or does it have to do with the State government wanting to build over 12 new damns around the state which received zillions of objection and protest from NGO's and environmentalist around the world.

Another conspiracy theory or is it another coincident?


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