In remembrance of Michael Jackson

Shockingly sad news this morning, Michael Jackson the King of Pop have passed on approximately 6:50 am Malaysia time.

He was one of my childhood star idol in the 80's. Man, the moonwalks we did in school, his songs, his dance. sigh*

Remember the time, you are not bad Michael, because you rock my world. We all know you were dangerous and a smooth criminal at times, sad that you didn't beat it this time. Billie Jean still rings in my ears and it was a thriller to see the journey in your life. I can't help it, The way you made me feel as you are not just another man in the mirror. You have gone too soon, although you have always told us don't stop 'til you get enough. And its only human nature to ask; will you be there but you left us with a earth song. So don't worry, you are not alone as you have helped heal the world. Now its black and white that you have passed on. Rest in peace Michael, thank you for the memory and HIStory. We will always rock with you.

I have his songs playing at the background now. Sigh, a bit teary coming from a MCP like me, weird? Maybe I am a sentimental old fool.


yappy said…
wow boleh compose song leh ...sybas :)
Jess said…
i feel sad too....*sigh*
Anonymous said…
nice title linkage bro... u the man!
Wingz said…
i also very sentimental old man also
Peter Tan said…
There never will be another. RIP MJ.

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