My wireless cycle computer

I just received the bicycle computer for my mountain bike which I bought from ebay, albeit 2 weeks later, sigh Malaysian postal service!

This is the package that contain the much awaited Cateye Strada wireless, model CC-RD300W. My first impression? It look much much smaller that I first imagined. Anyway I was so excited that I rip through the package to get to it only to find that I had to go through a whole bunch of instruction, in the matter of fact, there are about nearly a dozen other language.

When I finally found the English section for the instruction to my cyclocomputer toy, I some how obediently followed the step by step installation, very unlike me. I guess its a sign of maturing after going through a few bad experience skipping steps during DIY projects. hehe

It doesn't take long to set the unit up, its straight forward but when the final step was done, I took a spin at the wheel and the most dread thing happened... Nothing! The computer didn't respond, i.e it didn't work. I went through the step again, for 3 times and it still lifeless. The speedo meter still showing "00000"

I goggle for solution and apparently I am not the only one having the problem. Many suggested to change both batteries, one for the sensor and the other on the main unit. So I did and purchased 2x CR2032 and it they went. But still it did not help.

Even after consulting the troubleshooting page on the official Cateye website, it didn't solve my problem either. Here is the excerpt from the site

"How do I get my computer head unit to register a signal with the sensor?

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If you computer head unit does not pick up a signal or does not seem to "communicate" with the sensor - check the following:

First, make sure the "AT" icon or "AUTO" is displayed on the screen (computer is in auto-timer mode, not manual stop/start mode).

Second, make sure the magnet is passing within 2-3 mm of the mark on the sensor (on the fork blade or chainstay, depending on model).

If neither help restore a consistent signal, then it could be either a low battery or a damaged wiring (Bracket/Sensor) kit.

Even if the LCD display is clear and bright, the battery may be too low to transmit a signal from the sensor to the computer head unit.

Next, with a fresh battery installed, try performing a manual restart operation to bring the LCD display back to life. Do this by either 1. pressing both buttons (Mode and Set on back) OR 2. all three buttons (Mode, Start/Stop, and small Set button on back) at once and then releasing all three OR 3. by pressing the AC (all-clear) button if your computer has one. This should bring the display back to life, and the unit can now be re-calibrated for your bike. See if consistent signal is re-established.

Finally, If that does not help, take a paper clip and bridge the 2 diagonally opposed metal contacts on the back of the computer head unit. If random information appears in the current speed display (upper portion of screen) while bridging the contacts, then the computer head unit is fine and the problem lies with the bracket/sensor kit. It may be stretched or damaged just enough to interrupt the signal transmission, even if not visibly so. If that is the case, please visit our small parts site to purchase the appropriate replacement sensor kit. "

After rereading the instruction several times, and a little tinkering with the setup. I finally got it to work. Here is the step by step instruction or rather the trouble shooting manual for cateye strada:

The solution or rather the problem lies in the sensor unit.

1. One have to set up the sensor unit VERY near (the nearer the better, approximately less than 3cm in distance) to the magnet which is attached to the fork. If you have the same problem of the unit not responding or sending signal. Try this: take off the magnet and rub it or wave it in front of the sensor. If the main unit pick up any signal, it will show the ")))" sign on the bottom left corner of the screen.

2. From there, you know that the unit is not faulty and you need to readjust the position of the bottom sensor bracket so that its nearer or as near as possible to the magnet bracket. If signal is still weak then you need change the batteries.

3. Hope this how to solve section will help and save you the heartache and some money from buying new batteries before knowing that its not a battery problem. hehe


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