Virgin AirAsia

I never thought I would take a ride in an AirAsia plane.

Well, last Friday I went on one. Yeah, I know a few of you guys that are reading this must be laughing your head off. Oh well it was a paid free flight and I wasn't on a official business trip, so it was ok.

My first impression? It was like taking a bus ride. Everybody was up and queuing for the flight the moment they announce the boarding time. I wonder why the fuss, even when there was no plane in sight. A bit more on this later.

After checking in on my maiden flight with airasia, I was just about to sit myself down in the waiting lounge, came the announcement. Not to my surprise, the flight would be delayed for 15 minutes. I was half expecting it as airasia was synonymous with its delays.

But people still waited in the ques. I still wondered why. Then came the plane as I could see it taxing in from the runway. Passengers all got excited and so were the crews. From the airport windows I could see the whole operation and it was very impressively efficient. From the ground crew up to the cabin crew. They can turn around an incoming flight and fully load the plane for take off in less than half and hour. I am truly amazed by their efficiency and the crew's passion for their work.

So I am giving Airasia the benefit of doubt for their bad reps on delays as I can see most of it is due to external factor. They are running on a very tight schedule and any hiccups in between will definitely cause the infamous delays.

Getting on board was another great old experience, I had to walk down the tarmac. I love that, as I used to do that during my young days when there were no aero bridges. I could see and sense the plane. I could hear the jet engine sound. I could see the plane wings! Well I guess I have an obsession with plane wings, I even love to seated next to windows seat next to the wing. Don't ask me why, I just love it.

Inside the plane, being a budget airline, it doesn't look cheap. The plane I boarded was new and clean. My only qualm was the seats. It must be the most upright seat ever! and the space were tight! But hey this is a budget airline.

To all you cynical critics, I arrived home from my round trip in one piece. So will I fly with them again? I definitely will but never when I am on a tight schedule. There are just too many variables that can cause their DELAYS!

Truly asia, well done TonyF. Thumbs up from me.

p/s I love the red hot uniforms!! ;)


yappy said…
sudah kena baru tahu bagus leh

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