Batu Gong MTB

Batu Gong was the destination for the week.

Located just a stone throw away from 17th Mile Siburan Bazaar, one can see the entrance to Batu Gong at the left turning just after the police observation tower.

The day before that, I had an upgrade to my bike.
my Sugar 1 Gary Fisher full suspension frame, with carbon genesis.
Cane Creek head set, Shimano SLX disc 9 speed system with ergon grip

A new Trigon carbon riser bar with a new shorter Thomson stem. Wow, a a difference it made to my bike compare to my straight aluminum bar with 90mm FSA stem. It was much more comfortable as earlier I was having some lower back muscle ache and surprisingly it felt like a complete new bike it handle differently and the carbon absorb plenty of the road vibration. Just like having a new shock! Must try to believe it.

Sifu was supposed to fetch me but ended up late. When we reached Batu Gong, the gang have left without us to try out a new trail. Can't blame them, we were like an hour late! And since we were there, we decided to ride on our own as sifu knows a route and he also knows how eager I was to ride Batu Gong which was much talk about.

Batu Gong trail is mainly gravel passing through several vegetable farms and poultry farms. It was rather short and flat. The trail ended up at the main road where we had to crossed Kuching Serian highway to to Kampung Tijirat. Now, this trail is a nice trail. Its a single track with a lot of undergrowth. Wet forest trail while some part were very muddy caused by the torrential rain in the past few days. We had to crossed a small stream before the trail loops back to the main road where we ended up in Kampung Kuang Church. It's quite challenging yet rideable. I like it


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