Paying forest

This is so ridiculous! As a Sarawakian I have to pay to enter my own forest?

Well, recently when Sarawak Forestry was put in charge of the National Forest reserve in state, visitors are to pay when they visit any of the nature area that's gazetted by the government. For many years, as an avid trekker, we were able to enter any forest as it was deem free. However since the forestry took over and just because they built a few basic amenities, they began charging visitors fee to enter public reserve.

Forestry department ought to be cash rich as Sarawak is known for their timber industry and many giant company have been raping the state's resources for centuries. Obviously, they have been taxed and the money should be used to replenish the state but instead, more tax payers money is gone into dubious project and yet they are charging their own people entrance fee to their own land.

How out outrageous can that be? This is totally uncalled for and unheard of in other countries. Well then again, I might be asked to leave the country if I argue too much. Malaysia Boleh and come on, give back the forest to the people. Or least let me walk for free!


Anonymous said…
how much is the entrance to T Datu National Park. For your info, it cost rm3 for adults and rm1 for children for malaysians to trek from mesilau to timpohon trails in mt kinabalu. and cost rm0 to do penang hill. But to go up mt serapi, it cost RM10! Sucks!

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