Jesus Christ!

What a start to 2011. I went to Church, the very first Sunday!

When I told my wife my intention Sunday morning, you should have seen the light in her face. She was surprisingly happy although doubtful.

Why? What happened?

Well, something happened but it is something that I cannot explain in words. I just felt moved. No, I didn't see any figure, no booming voice from above, nobody spoke to me or out of the body experience. I just felt moved...

But I believe I must have received the calling from above while out riding my mountain bike. You see, I have been mountain biking solo lately. Due to family commitment on Sundays, I usually opt not to join my gang to cycle on their weekly outing. Therefore I schedule my own ride on Saturday afternoon after work.

My usual trail is at a mountain at Matang. Just 20 mins from the city. This trail is my favorite, its a short trail but uphill all the way. There is a little Indian temple at the top and the trail is a single track, lush with natural rainforest. Riding up this trail every-time is such a peaceful experience. Just me and nature. People have asked me, aren't you afraid or feel creepy. Well I just felt that there is someone there to protect me, there is peace, comfort and there is a trust.

At home one evening, oddly I picked up a bible that was given to my wife by her friend many years ago but left untouched and started reading. Because of my dyslexia, I never like reading but I have no problem reading the bible! I also start reading up more about Christ and these have further enlighten myself from within. I am truly spiritually blessed. I feel so happy from within. There is must be a savior that redeem me and moved me to be closer to God.

This is a spiritual calling that have blessed my soul and gave me guidance in life. I am so happy. Praise the Lord, you are great.

Yes, I have accepted Christ to my life and I believe its a calling and I want to commit and share my heartfelt faith in Christ with you all.


Anonymous said…
nice to know you have accepted bro. grats!

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