Am I being rude?

KL the 3rd rudest city in the world?

Hmm… why am I not surprised? Some might say that the survey over generalized. But, the poll stung where it hurts as it’s true to a certain extend, especially for people that are ignorant about Asian’s culture and never lived in the OLD Kuala Lumpur before.

Over the years, things changed, people changed and they try to adapt to the hectic metropolitan city life style. Which turn majority of the inhabitant into selfish city dweller and that's the painful fact. With due respect, I have friends who are KL-lites and they are great people but I never like KL city itself as it’s a jungle out there. People are typically busy with their own lives. They also tend to ignore others as most of them are chasing for time and try to fend for themself.

I live in Kuching and as a Malaysian, I do not know what to make of the survey as it doesn’t reflect what or who I am but what I do know is that, there are polite people and rude people, maybe KL just got more of them.

Btw, I wonder why I am writing this, most people in the city don’t care.


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