Golf & Badminton Kings

So what happened over the weekend besides Geoff Ogilvy winning the US Golf Open by one shot at the treacherous Winged Foot Golf Club after Phil blundered the 18th with painful double bogey?

Well my little sister found out about my blog. Yeah, you. Ok, you are not little anymore but you are still my little sister and if you are still reading this, you know you are not supposed to. Bleh!

On the local golf front, our club had a special guest over the weekend. The King! Yes, we were honored to have his majesty gracing our club competition. Sporting chap I must say and a pretty good golfer too.

As for myself, I didn’t play well but I did achieved another personal record tying feat by carding 3 consecutive birdies. Yeah!

Ball striking were satisfying though, even though the results didn’t suggest them. Had one of those bad breaks day and the scorecard was blemished by 2 triples which eluded my chance to win any prizes which were presented by the King himself. Shucks!

After the prize cum lunch presentation, a few friends swiftly adjourned to Kuching Indoor Stadium where Malaysia Badminton Open Final was held. The highlight? The men’s single between Malaysia Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan of China. It was definitely an experience worth shouting about. Yeah, we cheered until we lost out voices! For the friends that refused to go, the tournament’s atmosphere alone was worth the money spent and it couldn’t be described in word and was definitely different from watching it on television. The tournament comes to Kuching once in 13 years and you guys stayed at home. Bah, Humbug!

Chong Wei fought valiantly in the deciding set from 6 point down to win the match in a nail biting tie breaker. Kudos to him. As for Lin Dan, I was surprised by his un-sportsmanly actions; his refusal to wear the souvenir hat, kicking the mock cheque and his racquet were probably not shown on TV and he deserved to be booed by the crowd. It’s understandable that he was frustrated to lose the match that’s was nearly his but it was shame to see such action especially coming from a top rank world player.

And did I mentioned that I was caught live on national television among the spectators?

Yeah, as you can see, I had a kingsize weekend :-)


King's wife said…
That badminton finals was really exciting! unbelievable win.
I didnt see you on TV...

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