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What's new? The haze is back, again!

It's getting more prevalent over the last 10 years as if the smoky scene is a yearly ritual and why is this so? As time goes by people around the world progresses but why are we are going backward? Well, as usual money is the root of all evil. With just a single match stick, thousands of hectares can be cleared cheaply for precious commodities like palm oil which grows well on peat soil. And peat soil fire burnt deep underground for days and even weeks, thus creating this unhealthy environment.

At what cost? The life of millions?

Authorizes are as usual without any power to stopped these happening eventhough it have been happening years over years. Even top ministerial meeting can't produce any results. Too many beuraracies and red tape are the main excuses. So when is this going to ever end? When people run out of land to clear or when the money run dry?

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