NEW Toyota Avanza 1.5 G

What do you know, I got the latest Toyota Avanza.

To many disbelieve, I bought the 1.5G series without even a test drive. Couldn't recall why but I guess the pricing was attractive enough and I was in the market for a new affordable family car with an automatic gear! And coming from a guy that have owned over half a dozen of manual cars, its a big BIG change.

Launched in 2006, Toyota UMW gave their Avanzas in Malaysia the much awaited face lift. Besides the standard features available in the previous model, the upper notch 1.5cc G series also comes equipped with 2 SRS air bags; driver and front passenger, anti brake system ABS + EBD, a new skirting which I thought is a pretty attractive body kit as it makes the car sportier, especially the front bumper.

So how's the car?

As the saying goes, what you do not know will not hurt you holds very true. After I took delivery of my new car and started driving with it for a few weeks, I discovered the many ills and wonders of this Avanza.

First and most of all, the suspensions for this Avanza sucks big time!! Even as a previous SUV and mini van user, I find the ride a bit harsh. So regular sedan car users, please be prepare for a little rude shock as any slight uneveness on the road will feel like a wild pony horse ride. Other than that, the car handle sufficiently well on its stock 15 inch alloy rims with 185/60 profile tyres, that is if you keep the speed below 80 km/h and don't take corners at neck breaking speed.

Interior wise, this 7 seater capacity is spacious enough for a medium size family. The rear 3rd row seat which is foldable, can provide ample cargo space. And it suit golfers like me as a single golf bag can be snuggly place at the rear cargo even with the seat upright.

Cabin noise is at an acceptable low level as the insulation is an improvement from the previous model. However do not expect to much from the stock audio sound system as there is nothing to shout about. The head unit is a Toyota re branded unit which is produced by Fujitsu Ten and is link to 4 mid way speakers, 2 at the front and 2 at the rear side door panel. Most in car entertainment (ICE) enthusiast, will up grade the head unit to eclipse, pioneer or sony to name a few and I have seen a few that opted for the newer double din unit which can be fitted snuggly into the existing slot. For hardcore users, they will usually install amplifier and woofers to enhance their bass sound. I personally like the compact under the seat flat 10 inch woofer as it safe plenty of space.

As for power, the new 1.5 litre 3SZ-VE vvti engine churns out 109hp which is sufficient for normal city drive and family outing as it cruises pretty well on the highway. However do expect a higher fuel consumption (FC) in the stop and go city drives. I am getting about 8 - 9 km for every liter of petrol in city drive and the mileage was surprisingly economical at 13 - 16 km/l when its driven on long haul highways at moderate speed (90-100 km/h).

*Fuel consumption estimate was based on previous petrol price at RM1.92 per liter


A little update on my car :

1. I have installed several bars from Ultra racing to enhance the ride. They basically reinforce the car structure to give it a more stable and rigid ride. The comfort level have dramatically increase and the car is more stable, especially the reduction in body roll. The 5 bars are the lower front and rear arm bar, front and rear anti roll bar and the 4 point stabilizer bar.

2. For the engine, I have upgrade the spark plugs to the 0.4mm Denso platinum and guang dong volatage stablizer with electrical grounding. The VS is highly recommended by me as, it gave the auto transmission a smoother shift, a better audio sound and better electrical support to the whole car.

3. The car is also installed with Dyna mat, the best sound dampening around for car enthusiast. A bit costly but money worth well spend. I did the 4 door panels and the 5th rear door by myself DIY but paid for the floor board to be done by car accessories installer as its very timing consuming to do it alone.

4. Avanza Eibach Pro Kit Spring upgrade <--- NEW PHOTO ADDED! more update later....


UMW Toyota Malaysia have announced that a new model of Avanza 1.5 in manual transmission will be available soon. Estimated model launch date is around December 2008


Avanza koh said…
I alraedy order the Avanza but need to wait till mid of jan08. So, please give some advice isn't this car is the good car to buy or it still have same problem.
MahaguruSia said…
Avanza is not a bad car for its value. It still have rooms for improvement and can be enhance to make it handle and perform better.

Have fun and good luck with your new car avanza koh :)
Yoyo House said…
hi mahaguru,

i am norman from avanza jakarta

nice to meet you

please visit my avanza store blog
toyota avanza said…
Its a family oriented car with extremely great looks.The exterior of the Toyota Avanza is as awesome as Toyota Innova. The exterior appearance includes sporty and stylish front grille and body colour bumpers.

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