Avanza: Spring Upgrade

My much awaited package finally arrived from KL, many thanks to bro Yappy :)
It's an Eibach Federn Pro Kit, specially custom made for Toyota Avanza. The box didn't weight a tonne as per broYappy's complain but it was on the heavy side, 14kg to be exact. So do expect to cough out some dough for shipping this baby. The part number can be found at the side of the box and it's originally made in Germany, according to James at auto jazz, the authorized distributor for Malaysia.So, what prompt me to buy this pro kit set? My Avanza is already fully equipped with bars from Ultra Racing and currently on APM absorber. I guess I have a high expectation and was on a constant look out to improve the ride quality. And after reading many reviews on Eibach pro Kit, I was hoping that this spring kit will further improve my ride comfort.

With a new gadget sitting infront of me, I couldn't wait to have them install. But since Chinese New Year is around the corner, my usual mechanic had his hands full with cars lined up to be service and had to decline my last minute request. And being me, I have to had it done, so I went around searching for a workshop that was willing to accommodate my urgent request.Well, I found one :)Ah Boon, dismantling and installing the rear spring onto my Avanza.

It took over an hour for a competent mechanic like him to dismantle and install the whole set. And another 1/2 hour to do the wheel alignment. I had 2 chamber nuts installed to the suspension system as the original setup doesn't come with adjustable bolts. It cost me $45 for each nut excluding labour charges, which cost me another $100. Expensive but it was worth it as they were good at what the did. Professional!

The end product, have a look at the my lowered Avanza photo. The pro kit definitely gave it a more muscular aggressive athletic stance.The rear was lowered approximately 1.5 inches and the front at 1.1 inches

more later....


Anonymous said…
how's the ride now? :)
Ayim said…
very nice look bro..how much it cost you for the eibach spring?
is it any special type of this eibach spring you use?
the lowered gap from fender just nice. any modification other than that?
Anonymous said…
Good day sir! I've been following your blog since i drive an Avanza myself and i crave for an improved ride.

Can we get the detailed specs of the Eibach springs and the part numbers of the KYB Ultra as well?

As of now, these parts aren't available in the Philippines and i might need to import them from abroad.

Can you help me out with the part numbers? thanks so much :)

happy driving!
Anonymous said…
Lots of good reading here, thanks! I was searching on yahoo when I identified your article, I’m going to add your feed to Google Reader, I look forward to more from you.
Fa&Kay said…
nice looking bro,
Fa&Kay said…
nice looking bro, after 3 years, is this still comfort to drive?

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