Name of KL sex drug party newscaster

So who are the actress and newscaster involve in the recent sex cum drug party in Malaysia capital city recently on new year day?

Awkwardly, a few days later, the newscaster name surfaced and was identified as Farahrizan Abdul Razak, 22, with Astro Awani channel while the identities and names of the 26 others were not revealed. Farahrizan is said to be a popular face on the 24-hour news channel.

Here's a file photo of the actress in the said sex case.
No wonder she got an invite :) Pretty hot looking babe I must say.

And as Malaysian as this case can be, the whole episode after 3 days it was exposed, has now changed to a drug case instead of a sex orgy. Makes one wonder why eh?

Truly Malaysia boleh.


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