CNY & Car Wash

Never send your car to car wash center, days before Chinese New Year, unless you are willing to be sliced pay for it.

I found that out today, when I casually drove into this car wash center that I visit once in a blue moon. Not to name the center but the place is a popular center located at Jalan Mendu, where you can find many other car wash centers that dot the whole road. The place was a little quiet than normal days and brush aside my suspicion and assumed that it was because of the rainy season.

After my car was cleaned and dried, I proceeded to the payment counter and handed RM10 ringgit to the cashier, which was the normal price for a car wash and interior vaccum. But the girl looked up and said, sorry today is RM15 ringgit. I said, what!? No way, why RM15? And she said, new year is a few days away and if you come tomorrow it will be more expensive, double charge!

I paused for a while to regain my composure and ask to see her taukeh as I found it a bit ridiciolous to charge a spike up price without informing me before hand. I am not going to hood wink by something that doesn't make sense.

Minutes later, a rough samseng looking guy, I assumed the taukeh came out and I told him that he shouldn't have charged me the extra RM5 and should put a notice if they intend to hike their price, not that I couldn't afford it. There was a few seconds of void in the air and I was expecting some kind of confrontation but the guy disgruntledly said ok and waived the RM5 but gave me a kind of ill feeling sour face.

Nevertheless, I thanked him and wished him happy new year without getting a reply. Rude bastard.

So remember this, car washing in Kuching, days before Chinese New Year is like having hair cuts at saloons. They are at super cut throat prices that somehow people here accepted blindly. But not for me I guess.... Kuching Boleh.


Justin said…
that's how kuching people do business bah! LOL
Lisalicious said…
luckily he didnt decide to whack u


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